Monday, August 8, 2016

American Girl Doll Clubhouse needs YOUR HELP!~Saige blogs

Hello,this is Saige. I am at camp american girl right now! Let's get the post Off-Brand doll outfits-Do they fit part 1. To 30 views because that page is SO HELPFUL! And if it gets 30 views there will be... A OFF-BRAND OUTFITS DO THEY FIT PART 2,A HUGE PARTY,AND... AMERICAN GIRL CLUBHOUSE WILL HAVE AN INSTAGRAM PAGE!

Grace: Oh Saige you are using a part 2 for views!

Saige: Well,If there is a part 2 then all people will know what to buy for their gorgeous Saige dolls!

Grace: What about for Grace dolls?

Saige:Yeah them too.