Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Saige blogs-Can't we still be friends?

Hi! It's Saige here at the circle of friends performances!Enjoy!( Isabelle will be playing Elizabeth)

Felicity:It's our fathers who disagree.
Elizabeth:And there are differences between you and me

Felicity;We hear the drumming and the mustering for war

Elizabeth:We hear that trouble's rumbling just outside the door.

Together:And there's a tempest in every pot of tea.

Together:But there's no denying,it's plain to see,I really like you and I can tell that you like me.

Together:Can't we still be friends? Forgive and make amends.

Felicity:In spite of the differences that pull us apart.

Elizabeth:There's no denying the pull of the heart.

 Together:Can't we still be friends? With a friendship that never ends.

Felicity:Untangle the knots between you and me.

Elizabeth:And faithful friends forever be?

Together:Can't we still be friends?

Together:In this patch of stormy weather we'll just wait it out together,untangle every knot,hang on to what we've got.

Elizabeth:And even though my favorite drink is not your cup of tea.

Felicity:Thank you Elizabeth,I will take no tea.

Together:We'll faithful friends forever be! Faithful friends forever be!

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