Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Camp American Girl!

Because Camp Doll Diaries is closing I wanted to start my own American Girl doll camp! It's called Camp American Girl and there are 4 cabins!

The Samantha cabin

The Molly cabin

The Felicity cabin

The Kirsten cabin

Question that will be frequently asked:
How do you enter?: Comment "I want to do Camp American Girl!" and put what cabin you want to be in.
How do you do it?; You post your dolls camp adventures on your blog and I will put my favorite photos from your post on it.
Will your dolls be doing it?:Yes!

Weeks: Like Camp Doll diaries this will have themed weeks!
Week #1:Welcome to camp American Girl!
Week #2:The AG musical!
Week #3:Books!
Week #4: Art week
Week #5:50's week
Week #6:Baking week! (Grace will love this)
Week #7:Dance week
Week #8:Sports week
Week #9:Goodbye

When does the photostory get uploaded?
At the end of the week!

What cabin will your dolls go in?
Any cabin!

Starts July 3rd!


  1. I want to do Camp American Girl!
    I can probably do week 5... and week 3. :)
    (I may sign up for others, as my schedule allows.)
    Cabin: Molly
    My dolls will all be doing this. :)

    OH! I'll do week 1. I was making my own list of old CDD crafts to do. :) That way it's like old times. :)

    1. Yay! I'll add your name to the Molly cabin. Only 1 person per cabin though! (Because the cabins are for your dolls and you!)

    2. If we get more than 5 people we will make the cabins 2 people.

  2. I want to do Camp American Girl! I'm not sure how many weeks I can do, but I should be able to do the majority of them. :)
    I'd love to be in Cabin Felicity, but if not, Cabin Kirsten. :)
    ~Grace <3

  3. Hi! I'd want to do camp American Girl! :) My dolls and I would love to be in cabin Felicity, but if not, cabin Samantha is perfectly okay too! ;)