Friday, June 17, 2016

Who should GOTY 2017 be? tag

I decided to this fun tag that The dolls of Texas made!

What is your GOTY's name?
Claire Li

How old is she?
10 turning 11 

What are her hobbies?
Gymnastics,Swimming,Softball,and Tennis

Where does she live?
A city in Mississippi

Does she have any siblings?
Yes,one brother who is in high school entering college in the 6th book.

A girl named July who lives in the same apartment as Claire

An American Shorthair named Snickers

What school does she go to?
A private school.Her brother goes to a public high school and later goes to Harvard.

Outfits in collection?
Meet outfit:Blue "I love swimming" shirt,jean shorts,and purple canvas shoes
                    Gymnastics outfit:Pink leotard with leopard print.
                    Swimming outfit:Black swimsuit with hearts on it.
                    Softball outfit:Softball jersey with the number 12 on it and pants(Also comes with ball and bat)       Tennis outfit:Blue shirt and grey skirt. (Comes with tennis racket and tennis ball)
                     School outfit:Black shirt with smiley face on it,jeans,and sneakers.
                     Winter ball outfit:Blue dress with snow flakes on it and fancy blue shoes
                     Valentines day outfit:Pink shirt with hearts and kittens on it,Denim skirt,and glittery flats
                     Summer outfit:White shirt with a sun and a beach ball on it,blue shorts,and sandals
                                       She has the Jess mold,Brown eyes,Bangs,black hair,and a ponytail

                                                                    I nominate...

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