Thursday, June 23, 2016

My opinion on the new summer releases

Wellie Wishers
I like the Wellie Wishers! Today I'm getting Emerson (pictured).

Ombre Ballet outfit
I like that it's not pink like the old ballet outfit.AG should make less dance outfits.

Pomerarian PJs
I leaked these a month ago on my blog.I think these are really cute!

Skeleton outfit for dolls
These remind me of the Lalaloopsy skeleton PJs. :P

Mix and match pieces 

Side cinch tank
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Hooded denim jacket 
I like this! Finally something with NO PINK AT ALL in it!

Indigo bubble dress
This is cute! I might get it.

Kitten sweater 
It looks a little Wellie Wisherish.

Cat tee
I like it but the cats look like music notes. I might get it!

Star quilt skirt
I WANT THIS!!!!!!!

Purple play shorts for dolls
These are cute!

Coral skinny pants
I might buy them!

Playful print skirt
I like this!

Indigo and dot leggings 
I love the indigo leggings.The dot ones are fun too!


  1. I like that dance outfit, but the old one was more classic and realistic. They should have labeled this as Lyrical.

    1. Yes,but I had a dance recital that looked like it.