Friday, July 1, 2016

Molly at the Wellie Wishers opening day!

Hi! It's Molly! I'm here at the Wellie Wishers opening day! Apparently Willa just woke up.

There were Wellie Wishers trapped in a glass cage!

(Sorry for the blurry pic) I got a job at Bahia Berry but then I got fired. :(

Then Samantha was throwing a Wellie Wishers party in her gazebo!

Emerson invited me to her comedy show! 

Kit was having a sleepover during the day!

I had some food at the Seaside Diner!

I went to the rainforest house! ( that HAIR? Oh wait that's just Lea.)

If you didn't know I <3 GYMNASTICS! 

I got my hair done!

I got my original hairstyle! 

WELCOME EMERSON TO THE AG CLUBHOUSE CREW! (Not my actual house I was on vacation)

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