Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July from Camp American Girl!

Grace's color is Purple,Addy's color is Blue,and Jeanette's color is Pink! (Felicity's color is Dark Green)

Hello! This is Jeanette. Saige's sister. We are celebrating 4th of  July with Felicity,who was 12 when the declaration of independence.

Hi Jeanette! I was not 12 when the declaration of independence was signed but my historical counterpart was!

Good to know. I'm Addy Walker!

Hi Addy!

So how do you feel about being a camp counselor here at camp AG?

I like it!

Hi! I'm Grace Thomas,the doll who was in the first post of camp AG!


So that's it on the camp AG talk show see you next time!