Saturday, May 7, 2016

My opinion on the April 28th new releases!

I know the releases are from a few days ago but I just LOVE the new releases!


Lea's celebration dress
My opinion: I love this dress! It's not pink and foofy ( like Grace's opening night outfit) and it has some blue in it!

Truly me

Stars and stripes outfit
I know why they made this (the 2016 olympics) but I really like it!!!

Spirit squad outfit
Way better than the old cheerleading outfit!!

Pomerarian puppy
This is not really new. It was sold at costco before. I still really like this dog!

Fur-rocious pet outfit
This is just...weird.

Galaxy pet bed
I like this!!

There was also a collar and leash set and some bitty baby stuff but I won't review those so bye!

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  1. *sees nothing wrong with pink dresses* XD, I'm biased, I love pink.