Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bridget and Maryellen go to the AG place!

Today Bridget and Maryellen went to the American Girl store and got their hair done!

First they went to the seaside diner and saw other Maryellen dolls

They ate really good hamburgers! 

Then they saw Maryellen's good friend from the AG store Julie!

Then Bridget saw a desk and wrote a story! (She's posting the story soon!)

Then they went to see Rebecca! She was Maryellen's best friend back at the AG store!

After that they saw a rainforest house! But they saw the GOTY 2016 Lea Clark was getting her beauty sleep for another day as the GOTY!

They also saw a fruit stand! They really liked the fruit!

Then they went to the American girl doll beach! 

After a good swim they went to the gym to do some gymnastics!

Then they went to a basketball game! Team Stars won!

Then Maryellen got her hair done!

While Maryellen got her hair done Bridget got some ice cream!

The girls serving ice cream have a dog! He was wearing a CRAZY outfit!!

She also saw a #19 who was mislabeled as a #43

At last! Maryellen was done! 

Her hair in the back!

Then Bridget got her hair done!

Ta-da! She's done! 

Bridget's hair in the back!

I hope you enjoyed!