Thursday, May 12, 2016

My top ten favorite Girl of the year dolls!

#10: McKenna Brooks
I love her collection! I love her meet outfit and her school outfit so much! I read her books and I think they're OK. The movie is better.

#9: Kailey Hopkins
Even though she's very old I really like her! She reminds me of Julie though.

#8 Chrissa Maxwell
I love her story! Her doll is awesome too! She was my 3rd doll so she has a very special place in my heart.

#7: Mia St Clair
I WANT HER! She was the GOTY when I first got into AG but my mom got me Felicity Merriman instead. 

#6: Saige Copeland
You might not know this about me but I love art so seeing a GOTY that likes art makes me happy! I also think that Saige is a very pretty doll! Her movie is bad though. 

#5; Lea Clark
I really like her rainforest house and I think she's really pretty!! Her books are OK. 

#4:Isabelle Palmer
Why does everyone hate her? So she looks like Lanie with straight hair!  I love her movie and her books!

#3: Marisol Luna
I really like her! Even though she's old I think she's great!

#2; Grace Thomas
If you know me from AGH and American girl world you know I love Grace! I love her books and her collection!

#1: Kanani Akina
She is my favorite GOTY! Everything about her is AWESOME!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my list!


  1. Grace, Isabelle, and Lea are my faves so far. I'd prefer it if they had one who was into WRITING. (hint hint, Mattel)

    1. With a teeny little doll laptop! And an itty bitty stationary set! And a cute little mini copy of Writer to Writer by Gail Carson Levine!

    2. Oh my gosh that would be AWESOME!!