Monday, May 9, 2016

AG talk #1

I'm just going to talk about AG stuff in this post!

Topic: Who's getting retired next?

This has been a thought of mine since Melody leaked. I think Julie or Addy is going. American Girl doll news (Awesome blog by the way!) said that Addy is going next. Other people have said that Julie is going because her car got retired.

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  1. More!

    Personally, I feel that it will be Addy. Addy has a VERY small collection, and Julie has a rather large collection. (Even without a CAR)

    It would not be wise for them to discontinue Julie. Many girl's mamas/grandmamas/aunts probably lived near Julie's time. It'd be like discontinuing Kit- she came from a time period that still has people directly touched by it.
    Personally, I think Kaya is going, though. That would be awful, but she has a MINISCULE collection! :( I wish they didn't discontinue dolls.

    1. I also feel like Addy is going. I hope not. She has a beautiful collection! Her sewing dress,her meet outfit!

      I think that soon the kids of the 70's kids will soon grow out of AG so it's fine if they retire Julie. When she becomes less of the nostaglia doll she already is.
      Kaya has such a small collection and is practically a modern doll. I think she is going next too.

    2. My bets are on Addy and Kaya.

    3. My bets are on Josefina and Kaya. Addy is very popular and was even sold out at one point! And the civil war is a very important part in history.

    4. No, I didn;t mean that the 70's kids themselves would buy them; I meant that the daughters and granddaughters of the 70's kids might want Julie to relive some of their family stories.

      I think an 80's character would be coolio, but... the 80's isn't actually history...