Friday, May 13, 2016

My top ten favorite Historical Characters

#10: Felicity Merriman
My 1st doll! Her books are OK. I still really like her. I really love her collection!

#9: Addy Walker
She is a very pretty doll! I heard she's getting retired though. Her books are pretty good. I read a snippet of her first one! I love her collection! 

#8: Rebecca Rubin
She was my 6th doll! I love her collection and her books are good!

#7: Cecile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner

I love Marie-Grace's face mold and Cecile is just one of the prettiest dolls ever!

#6: Josefina Montoya
I love her collection! She's really pretty! I haven't read her books though

#5: Kirsten Larson
My 2nd doll! I love her collection and books!

#4: Kit Kittredge
I love her books! Her doll is awesome her collection is meh though. They made it too pink

#3: Samantha Parkington
Let me just say her books are amazing! Her pre-BeForever collection is awesome! I love her movie too.

#2: Maryellen Larkin
Her books are awesome and I could relate to Maryellen comparing her life to the TV characters. Her collection is great and I have most of it.

#1: Molly McIntire
Oh my gosh I love her books SO MUCH! She looks like me,has an awesome collection,and is one of the original Historicals!


  1. I actually like Kit's collection. I once actually counted the pink things in her collection versus green, blue, and brown things. Guess what there was more of?

    1. I know. But I'm talking about BeForever Kit.

    2. Yeah, I did it again more recently... she has more blue/green than brown, but an awful lot more black than anything.... WHY AM I COUNTING THESE?! I must be bored.

  2. By the way, love the background. I forgot about making you a button... I was extremely sick this week. I'll make it today. :)

    1. Actually ended up sick that day too. Busy most of today... Promise I'll do it soon! Sorry about the wait.

    2. May I use one of your photos of your dolls for the button?